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Community Services/Restitution

The Seneca County Juvenile Court places a high priority on community service and restitution to victims of a juvenile’s wrongful actions. It is the Court’s duty to ensure that a child understands how his or her actions have impacted another. In so doing, the Court is able to utilize its Community Outreach Program to attempt to right their wrongs.

A youth, under the supervision of the Court’s Director of Community Outreach, will be required to complete community service hours. Also, under certain limited circumstances, if a victim has incurred monetary damages, a youth may be given the opportunity to repay the victim by participating in a Court-sponsored program wherein the youth can work off a limited dollar amount of restitution.

Some of the community service opportunities in which youth have participated in the past include, but are not limited to include:

  • Trash Pickup
  • Park Cleanup
  • Court Vehicle Detailing
  • Community Event Volunteering
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance Projects

The goal of the Community Outreach Program is to instill and reinforce victim awareness and the importance of community service in all participating youth.

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