Seneca County Youth Center

3120  St. Rt. 100

Tiffin, Ohio 44883

(419) 447-7852

Your child was admitted to the Seneca County Youth Center. Our facility is accessible from SR 224 and SR 100 by traveling east or

west on SR 224 toward SR 100. Turn south on SR 100 and this facility is located on the right hand side.

The following information concerns various services and available access to your child during his/her incarceration while in detention.

1) Detention Issue- All basic clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies and bedding is supplied by this facility. However, if you would

like to bring in hygiene supplies (toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and/or body soap) for your child during their stay

they must be brought in unopened containers.

2) Medical Services- are provided through the Seneca County Health Dept. through nurse visits. There are no costs for medical

services provided in this facility. Our nursing staff does confer with family physicians of record for residents in this facility.

Your private insurance or Medicaid information is required upon your child’s entry into this facility and is for any specialized

care/services that are provided outside of this facility (hospital, emergency room, mental health services, lab work, filling

prescription medications, etc.) These outside services are the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian and are to be billed

through your appropriate medical guarantor to avoid Court ordering of payment. When scheduling counseling appoints please

contact this facility to allow us to set a time that fits in our schedule. If there is a previously scheduled appointment please let us

know as soon as possible. It may be necessary for us to reschedule a time that fits into our schedule. If transportation cannot be

arranged by this facility please contact the probation officer to request their assistance. Please reschedule any non-emergency

appointments you’ve made for your child prior to his/her entry into this facility as we will not transport.

3) Visitation Hours- Tuesday 6:00-6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1:30-2:00pm/6:00-6:30pm

Each resident is permitted one, 30-minute visit per week from a parent/guardian. Sunday begins the week. Please call 419-447-

7852 to schedule a visit with the day shift supervisor 7am-3pm Monday through Friday. If your child enters this facility on a

weekend the current supervisor may schedule a visit based upon availability. Special arrangements can be made due to health

concerns or work schedule conflicts. Youth of divorced or separated parents are still permitted one visit per week. If the parents

are unable to visit together we can assign visitation times on alternating weeks. Teachers, other school officials, and or Religious

representatives can also visit with parent/guardian consent. Advanced phone calls requesting times by school representatives

need to be made to the day shift supervisor after the parent/guardian has granted permission. Religious representatives are

required to call a member of Administration after parent/guardian consent is granted to schedule visitation time. Visitors that

appear to be under the influence of any intoxicating substance will be denied entry into this facility. All visitors are subject to

metal detector searches before entering detention. Please be aware that any visit that becomes a concern or disruptive will be

terminated and the visitor will be asked to leave the facility. Nothing is permitted to be passed between a youth and visitor during

a visitation. Visitors are not permitted to discuss the other youth in the building, nor any charges pertaining to those other youth.

We ask that you leave all metal objects, pocketknives, purses, cigarettes, and lighters secured in your vehicle prior to entering the

facility. You are required to leave coats and keys in the lobby lockers. Please alert the facility when scheduling visits regarding

visitor use of wheelchair or other assisted walking method (i.e. cane or crutches) regarding facility security protocol. Visitors

with pacemakers or the like are required to bring a doctors note prior to visitation. This facility requests that all visitors observe

these rules to avoid jeopardizing visitation privileges.

4) Incoming Phone Calls- are limited to emergencies and/or extraordinary circumstances. As most stays are short in duration,

the facility encourages attendance to visitation. A resident does have access to outgoing calls limited to and based upon their

eligibility. Attorneys and court staff are permitted to call a resident at their discretion.

5) Incoming Mail- must come through the U.S. Mail. Also, it is only permitted to be received from parent/guardian, sibling,

grandparent, court personnel or other official business. Otherwise, suspicious or inappropriate letters will be placed in your child’s

personal property to be retrieved upon release. Acceptable mail is opened in your child’s presence and checked for contraband;

photos, drugs, cigarettes, etc. and to assure that it is from an appropriate source. If the contents are found to be criminal in nature,

the letter, and its contents will be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal charges. For outgoing mail, your child is

permitted two (2), postage paid letters a week to parent/guardian, sibling, attorney or grandparent. Same guidelines apply to

6) School assignments- are coordinated through our facility classrooms by the assigned teacher that contacts your child’s school

of record. This facility’s classrooms are coordinated through the North Central Ohio Education Service Center. Our teachers will

assure that all completed work/assignments are returned to the school of record. Our goal is to ensure your child does not falter

with school due to their incarceration. If you have any questions or concerns in this area feel free to contact this facility and speak

with the Director directly. Any non-school related books that are brought into this facility must be donated to the facility. This

facility will not be responsible for recreational reading books.

7) Religious Programming-This facility offers your child programming opportunities with outside religious groups. Should

you desire that your child not participate in these services, for any reason, please call or advise a supervisor.

Ben Yourkvitch, Director

Seneca County Youth Center